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Blue Hill by Hand manufactures earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, bubble wands and ornaments. All of our products are hand-made in the United States by local artisans supporting economically sustainable lives. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Respect. What a simple (and beautiful) small step in creating a better world.

Great products, but we made too many!  Check out our buy one get one free clearance from the left menu!  These are returnable due to defect, otherwise exchangeable if you are not satisfied.

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Multi Chip Earring
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#ee1201 Multi Chip Earring

Gold-filled earwire.  Gold-plated twisted ring and gemstone chips.  Gem colors vary.

Length: 1 1 /2"

$24.00 Sale! $5.00
Tornado Earring
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#ee1402 Tornado Earring

Hand hammered sterling wire.  Onyx and hematite beads.  Silver-plated heishi. 

Length: 1"

$28.00 Sale! $5.00
Dreamer Earring
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#ee1602 Dreamer Earring

Gold-plated earwire and chain. Citrine gemstones.

Length: 2 1/4"

$32.00 Sale! $5.00
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#i1006 Endless

Gold-filled earwire. Brass wire with czech beads. Colors vary.
Length:  1 1/2"

$20.00 Sale! $5.00
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#i1009 Samba

Gold-plated earwire. Etched and patinated copper charm. Gold-plated chain and accent beads.
Length:  2 1/2"

$20.00 Sale! $5.00
Swing on a Star
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#i1011 Swing on a Star

Gold-plated earwire. Hematite beads and gold-plated chain
Length:  1.75"

$20.00 Sale! $5.00
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#i1104 Racetrack

Brass earwire. Antique brass components with coin bead. Colors vary.
Length:  1 1/2"

$22.00 Sale! $5.00
Bird Legs
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#i1106 Bird Legs

Carved bone beads of various colors, antique brass bird charm and earwire.

Length: 2 1/4"
$22.00 Sale! $5.00
1 in stock
Harmony Hoop
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#i1109 Harmony Hoop

Hammered silver plate wire.   Silver-plate earwire.
Length: 1 1/4"

$22.00 Sale! $5.00
Turquoise & Gold
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#i1112 Turquoise & Gold

Gold-plated earwire. Gold-plated chain with turquoise bead.
Length:  1 3/4"

$22.00 Sale! $5.00
Pearly Path
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#i1119 Pearly Path

Gold-plated earwire. Faceted pearl with hand textured brass strip. Pearl colors vary.
Length:  2.25"

$22.00 Sale! $5.00
Small Beaded
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#i401d Small Beaded

Salwag nut beads, turquoise & carnelian, brass, surgical steel
Colors: Blue or orange� These nuts are abundantly growing in the exotic Philippine islands. No plants and trees are cut just for the purpose of collecting the seeds and nuts. The nuts are merely harvested when they have fully matured.

$12.10 Sale! $4.00
Basic Birchwood
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#i444 Basic Birchwood

Birch bark, copper wire, aventurine or turquoise chips. Sterling earwire. Our birchbark is collected from fallen trees in northern Wisconsin.

Length: 1 3/4"
$14.00 Sale! $5.00
LP Earrings
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#i458d LP Earrings

Recycled vinyl record album beads. Harmony recycled silver. Sterling ear wires. Colors vary.�

Length: 2"
$16.00 Sale! $3.00
Pearl Cup
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#i463 Pearl Cup

Etched recycled copper cup with pearl. Surgical steel earwire. Pearl color vary.
Length: 1"

$12.00 Sale! $5.00
Guinea Feather
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#i470d Guinea Feather

Authentic guinea feather (naturally discarded) recycled aluminum wire. Various gemstones. Surgical-steel earwire. Feathers vary in shape and color.
Length:  2 1/2" to 4"

$14.00 Sale! $3.00
Sun Drop
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#i479d Sun Drop

Recycled aluminum wire with glass, sead beads topped with naturally shed horn. Surgical steel ear wires. Length: 3/4"

$12.00 Sale! $3.00
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#i484d Cuffed

Gunmetal and silver chain, gunmetal earwire.
Length: 1/1/2"

$22.00 Sale! $4.50
Triple Bling
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#i488d Triple Bling

Glass luster rondelle, antique brass chain, antique brass earwire.� Style available has shorter chain than pictured
Length: 1 1/2"

$20.00 Sale! $4.00
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#i493 Chopsticks

Etched brass tube, blue-faceted quartz pillow, wood stick beads, antique brass earwire.
Length: 2 1/2

$22.00 Sale! $5.00
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