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Blue Hill by Hand manufactures earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, bubble wands and ornaments. All of our products are hand-made in the United States by local artisans supporting economically sustainable lives. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Respect. What a simple (and beautiful) small step in creating a better world.

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Crystal Filigree
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#e366 Crystal Filigree

Gold-plated earwire. Brass Filigree component with Swarovski Crystal beads.  Beads are green, red or blue.  Please specify.
Length: 1.5"

$20.00 Sale! $5.00
Citrine Dream
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#e367 Citrine Dream

Gold-filled earwire. Faceted citrine bead.
Length:  1 1/4"

$28.00 Sale! $5.00
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#e395d Aum

Natural niobium french earwires/black niobium coils/assorted Czech glass colors or natural horn beads/pewter charms

$22.00 Sale! $4.00
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#i1006 Endless

Gold-filled earwire. Brass wire with czech beads. Colors vary.
Length:  1 1/2"

$20.00 Sale! $5.00
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#i1009 Samba

Gold-plated earwire. Etched and patinated copper charm. Gold-plated chain and accent beads.
Length:  2 1/2"

$20.00 Sale! $5.00
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#i421 Organica

Copper, niobium.  Our etched copper pieces are handmade in our Wisconsin studio, each is one of a kind.
Length: 1 1/2"

$16.00 Sale! $8.00
Order In Spirit - Small
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#i448d Order In Spirit - Small

Recycled rubber, birchbark, copper, surgical steel
Colors: n/a� Our rubber comes from recycled bicycle tires.
Our birchbark is collected from fallen trees in northern Wisconsin.

$30.80 Sale! $4.00
Beach Stone
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#i454d Beach Stone

Natural stone, brass, bronze, sterling silver.� Our beach stones are collected in the Northwest US ocean and purchased from independent Etsy artisans.

$30.80 Sale! $5.00
Flying Saucer
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#i468d Flying Saucer

Lava stone and etched and patina verdigris disc. Surgical steel ear wire.

$15.40 Sale! $3.00
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#i484d Cuffed

Gunmetal and silver chain, gunmetal earwire.
Length: 1/1/2"

$22.00 Sale! $4.50
Shiva Shell
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#i486d Shiva Shell

Eye of Shiva snail shell, red jasper, copper chain, antique-brass earwire.
Length:  2 1/4"

$18.00 Sale! $4.00
Triple Bling
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#i488d Triple Bling

Glass luster rondelle, antique brass chain, antique brass earwire.� Style available has shorter chain than pictured
Length: 1 1/2"

$20.00 Sale! $4.00
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#i490d Birdcage

Colored glass teardrop, guinea feather, vintage copper chain, copper earwire.  Feather and glass colors may vary. Please specify.

Length: 3 1/4"

$22.00 Sale! $3.50
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#i493 Chopsticks

Etched brass tube, blue-faceted quartz pillow, wood stick beads, antique brass earwire.
Length: 2 1/2

$22.00 Sale! $5.00
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#i496 Tropics

Niobium earwire with antique-copper components.  Light gray "Lagrima de San Pedro" seeds and matchstick bamboo beads.
Length:  2 3/4"

$28.00 Sale! $5.00
Chain of Command
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#i510 Chain of Command

Patinated copper pendant (color varies) with antique-copper chain and turquoise cube bead. Niobium earwire.
Length: 2 1/5"

$18.00 Sale! $5.00
Shangri La
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#i516 Shangri La

Etched and patinated copper focal component with brass and gold-plated chain and components.
Length: 6"

$22.00 Sale! $5.00
Leather Loop
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#i603 Leather Loop

Gold-plated or silver-plated earwire. Leather cord and gold-plated or silver-plated bead.
Length:  2"

$12.00 Sale! $3.00
In The Loop
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#i615 In The Loop

Gunmetal earwire and components. Brass chain.
Length:  1 1/2"

$12.00 Sale! $3.00
Black Copper Disc
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#i701 Black Copper Disc

Etched and oxidized copper disks, czech glass faceted beads, surgical steel kidney wire. Our etched copper is handmade in our Wisconsin studio, each one of a kind.
Length: 2"
$14.00 Sale! $5.00
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